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Flavour: an idea or quick experience of something

I love storytelling. It reminds me of my childhood. Listening to my parents and their friends around the dinner table, laughing with boisterous voices, glasses of wine in hand, sharing stories of travel, life, love and nonsense. The scent of a meal already shared and the richness of connection and togetherness that changed according to food and company.  

It is with these memories that I have become obsessed with flavour. Not to be confused with taste. Flavour: the storytelling our bodies and minds tell when we put something delicious in our mouths and the incredibly personal script our palettes writes. A moment of acknowledgement of contrasts, contradiction and juxtapositions that form a dance together on the tongue. Punctuated with the company we share. My purpose here it to tell the stories of flavour, in my opinion. Please share yours. 

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